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Spa Industry Trend Forecast for 2016

By: Jaime Hall

With each new year comes a cycle of new trends and spa features to look out for. Whether you work in the industry or simply love to maintain your spa lifestyle, we have created a list highlighting the top 4 trends to keep up with in 2016.

1) Medical-oriented Spas

via Oceanview MedSpa

Flickr image via Oceanview MedSpa

Spa treatments are not just meant to achieve aesthetic goals! Now, spas nation-wide are broadening their treatment range to include medical treatments focused on activating inner beauty and vitality as well. “Consumers want to support health and prevent problems, rather than address issues once they become problematic,” says Allan Share, president, Day Spa Association. The real difference is that instead of a traditional spa which focuses on relaxation, medical spas focus on achieving results. Also, because of the increasing price of high-quality cosmetic surgeries which contain a certain level of risk, many clients are leaning toward noninvasive, nonsurgical cosmetic treatments instead.


2) Tech Innovations


When it comes to technology innovations for the spa industry, one recurring trend on the rise is spas “on-demand”. On-demand services are are changing the game for a multitude of industries, including spas and wellness. Up and coming  “on-demand” options allow clients the convenience of flexibility and immediacy regarding beauty and wellness treatments such as “on-demand” massages and facials in the comfort of your own home.


3) Wellness Communities


Until recently, spa visits have been confined to a singular event in which the client is removed from the distractions of everyday life and placed in an environment that evokes serenity and calmness. With wellness communities on the rise in popularity, the limitations of “spa life” are being stripped from existence and replaced with new-found communities where the idea of wellness is integrated to maintain entire lifestyles designed around the goals of a spa. The concept of a wellness community can range anywhere from the inclusion of residencies at spas that are already in existence, to the addition of spa-like amenities within new living communities.


4) Science-Backed Treatments

Flickr image via Ta

Flickr image via Ta

In terms of the transparency behind the products and types of treatments offered at spas, clients are becoming more demanding in wanting proof that a service or treatment claim will actually work. This means that transparency will be a bigger part of spa operations in 2016, and beyond. For example, in the last few years there has been a lot of interest and critique surrounding the increasingly popular spa treatment regarded as Halotherapy. This is a treatment that involves inhaling salt particles and is said to be beneficial for a number of respiratory conditions.

What science tells us: The Himalayan salt rocks emit negative ions, and injured or diseased cells are electron-deficient, so submitting the body to an electron-rich environment benefits and heals cells through absorption. The salt helps your cells consolidate inflammation and mucus so that your body can get rid of it.


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