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Incorporating Essential Oils In Your Spa Practice

By: Jaime Hall

Essential to your spa…


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According to a Global Spa Report, the top reason people visit spas is to experience relaxation. One of the most pleasurable and natural ways in to induce the feeling of relaxation to spa treatments is by incorporating essential oils to your service offerings. Though essential oils are highly conducive to relaxation through aromatherapy, they also contain numerous valuable qualities through topical use.

By utilizing essential oils in your spa practice, you can increase the overall experience and pleasure your clients receive. These oils have the power to stimulate feelings of euphoria and happiness and also provide relief to physical symptoms potentially caused by an underlying emotional issue. Improve your spa experience by introducing to power of essential oils to all areas of treatments.  

Find out below which oils can provide a natural boost to your spa’s services:


1) Aromatherapy

Use oils with diffusers, mists, eye/face pillows, and massage oils

Majoram: dissipates nervous tension and stress

Eucalyptus: aids mental exhaustion and rejuvenates an uplifting mindset

Clary Sage: boost self-esteem and balance mood

Bergamot: calming and uplifting

Swallowtail Garden Seeds (clary)

clary sage Flickr image via swallowtail garden seeds

2) Manis + Pedis

Use oils in dilution while soaking hands and feet

Tea Tree: antibacterial and antiseptic

Bitter Orange: anti-fungal, anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory

Geranium: deodorizing,anti-fungal, and antibacterial

Tea Tree

tea tree Flickr image via swallowtail garden seeds

3) Massage Therapy

Dilute essential oils in massage oils and creams 

Eucaplytus: relieves stiff muscles, muscle pain, nerve pain, and anti-inflammatory

Peppermint and Rosemary: improve circulation and relieve symptoms of acute and chronic pain

Pine: relieve muscle fatigue and nervous exhaustion


rosemary Flickr image via swallowtail garden seeds

4) Skin Care

Dilute oils into facial serums and creams

Eucalyptus: antiseptic and anti-inflammatory

Tea Tree: anti-bacterial (good for acne prone skin)

Frankincense: anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, restores tissue, prevent skin damage, and natural toner

Chammomile: diminishes blemishes and puffiness


eucalyptus plant

5) Sauna/Hot Tub

Diffuse in saunas or dilute in soothing hot tubs

Eucalyptus: antiseptic and refreshing  

Bergamot: antiseptic and uplifting

Geranium and Clary Sage: relaxing, harmonize emotions, euphoric


bergamot plant


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Easy DIY Holiday Spa Gifts

By: Jaime Hall


Share gifts from the heart this holiday season

Flickr Image via LornaWatt

It’s finally the start of the season we all look forward to—thinking up the perfect holiday gifts for our loved ones. Many people will wait until the last minute and (in a panic) get stuck purchasing the lackluster gifts left on the shelves at the end of December. If you’re smart and plan ahead, you can shower your friends and family with sincere gifts that they’ll actually enjoy using.

We know from experience that hand-made gifts are always the most beloved and cherished, and we’re not talking about the macaroni art you made for your mother in the 2nd grade. This year, try doling out some homemade, all-natural spa gifts that will be just as delightful to receive as they will be to use! Not only are these DIY gifts extremely easy and cheap to make, they’re also completely Earth-friendly and filled with delectable flavors that will ensure your gift is one to remember.



Peppermint Sugar Scrub

This body scrub smells positively delicious and will help to fight that awful dry winter skin. Don’t forget to add beet or raspberry juice for all-natural coloring! Recipe here

Logan Brumm (2)
Flickr Image via Logan Brumm

Aromatherapy Body Spray

This super easy-to-make body spray is a perfect gift for all ages, men and women alike. Do a little research to personalize each bottle with an essential oil mix to suit each recipient’s individual needs. Replace distilled water with rosewater for an extra-fragrant mix. Recipe here.

Khadija Dawn Carryl
Flickr Image via Khadija Dawn Carryl

Eucalyptus Mint Body Butter

Another perfect gift to fight away dry winter skin, this yummy body butter features a stress-eliminating essential oil mix. Recipe here.

kid missile
Flickr Image via kid missile

Brownie Batter Lip Scrub

This irresistible lip scrub will have friends and family running back to you for more! For a holiday touch, add 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil to the mix. Recipe here.

Sylvia Chan
Flickr Image via Sylvia Chan


Chocolate Oatmeal Face mask

Make all-natural skin care easy for those who may be unfamiliar by gifting them this delectable face mask! Replace the cream with almond or jojoba oil at half the amount for a more shelf-stable, gift-friendly product. Recipe here.

Isabelle Boucher
Flickr Image via Isabelle Boucher


Note: Some products may have shorter shelf lives than others. To ensure your gift stays fresh as long as possible, make in small batches or add an all-natural preservative such as vitamin E T-50 oil and geranium and cinnamon essential oil.


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