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8 Biggest Spa Trends for 2015

Written by Vera Gibbons for MarketWatch

Hotel Spa

Now that the stress of the holiday season is behind us, how about a trip to the spa? After all, the spa experience is “more accessible than ever,” says Lynne McNees, president, International Spa Association. “And while we’re still frequenting spas to manage stress, and take that much-needed ‘time out’ to disconnect and recharge our batteries,” these days, we’re looking for much more than basic pampering. “We want to learn how to take better care of ourselves; an all-pronged approach to health,” says Beth McGroarty, Research Director, Spafinder Wellness.

Haven’t paused your frenzied pace in a while? Here are some of the biggest spa trends for 2015:

Wellness and Preventive Treatments

Have a bad back? You may be considering yoga. Allergies? Try naturopathy. Mysterious aches and pains? How about a massage or acupuncture? Maybe it’s time to work with a Kinesiologist (someone who specializes in body movement)? “Consumers want to support health and prevent problems, rather than address issues once they become problematic,” says Allan Share, president, Day Spa Association. “This urgency has come to the forefront because consumers are feeling uncared for in the medical community; they want to stay on track without running to the doctor, particularly given the rise in premiums and out of pocket health-care costs.”

Specialty Spas

In the past, spas were trying to please everyone, says Debra Koerner, co-founder of Well World Group, a spa consultancy firm. “They were expanding their menus and offering an overwhelming number of services.” Fast forward to 2015. “In the bigger cities, in particular, we’re seeing more niche properties and new franchises open up that offer convenience and affordability, specializing in one thing – whether massages (Massage Envy now has 1,000 locations across 49 states.), brows, lashes, hair or feet.”


This year, expect to see continued growth in treatments and services that are personalized, says McGroarty. You can customize your own scents and oil, blend your own lipsticks and shadows, or choose the focus of a facial, for example.

Treatments for Men

Men are becoming more open to the spa experience because they recognize the value of taking better care of themselves. And spas are taking notice, rolling out macho-sounding therapies – like the “sports massage” or “executive massage.” What are men looking for? Primarily stress relief and pain relief, says Koerner.

Express, Express, Express

Time: Nobody seems to have enough of it these days. Hence, the onslaught of express treatments, offered by the likes of Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door and numerous others. In fact, 77% of spas now offer treatments that are 30 minutes or less, according to McNees. “If you have a full hour and want four things done in one swoop with several therapists working on you at one time, you can do that, too.” And at a time that’s convenient for you. “Spas no longer keep banker hours,” says McGroarty. “They’re opening earlier – 7 am – and staying open later – until 10 pm to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules.”

Social Yoga

Social Fitness

How does an early morning rooftop yoga class sound, followed by a mini-facial or other spa treatment, and then a light lunch? Any interest in a ‘Girls Night Out’ or group outing that’s centered around working out and feeling good? Social fitness is a huge trend in 2015. As we continue to work lonely, extended hours, the “fitness-and-human connection-hungry demographic” will continue to grow, says McGroarty. “It’s like a party, but unlike going to a nightclub, you’re engaging in healthy behavior with like-minded individuals. And it’s fun.”

Expanded Spa Boutiques

Remember when spas simply had a designated corner to display candles, oils, and other small tokens? Those days are long gone, says Share. “Spas have figured it out – after people come in and have a treatment they’re relaxed, feeling out of this world, and in the mood to buy.” Hence, the plethora of “things” to buy beyond the “basics.”

Continued Care

Consumers are no longer just treatment-oriented, says Angie Day, Canyon Ranch’s corporate spa director. “They’re educated, and they’re asking more questions than ever, looking within to extend the benefits well beyond the treatment; they want follow-up, customized programs so they can incorporate what they’ve learned into their daily routine.”


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8 Salons That Let Guys Get Their Groom On

Written By Chanel Parks for the Huffington Post


Salons that cater to men and all their grooming needs are cropping up all around the country, offering guys a place to get a shave, manicure, or a casual back wax all in one stop. Instead of fiddling with complicated tools in the bathroom, guys can frequent these fine establishments to kick back and relax.

Some gentlemen still think that spas and salons are meant for women, but Mike Gilman, CEO of, believes otherwise.

“Every time a man frequents Grooming Lounge or a similar place, it helps to lessen the taboos that once surrounded men taking pride in their appearances,” Gilman tells HuffPost Style. He adds that such locations geared toward men should leave guys “feeling confident, rather than embarrassed,” which could promote “future visits, recommendations to friends and a general spike in handsomeness.”

If you or the man in your life is in need of some spa-like rejuvenation, check out these sweet spots below.

1. Grooming Lounge is a DC-based lounge that can groom guys from head to toe. As an added bonus, the salon has a line of products AND its companion site provides stellar tips and expert advice. Find a shop, here.

2. American Male is the place for those who are nervous about bacne. The salon has a whole treatment for that, among other things, that will leave anybody’s skin feeling nice and smooth. Find locations across the country, here.

3. The Gents Place offers a relaxed atmosphere equipped with shoe shines, messages and multiple hair services. Find more information about its locations in Kansas and Texas here.

4. Kiehl’s, the skincare brand often celebrated for its products like the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, has a salon that is a refreshing spin on the traditional barbershop. Get a facial, a body polish, or maybe a trim for that massive beard. The Kiehl’s salon is located in New York City.

5. The Art Of Shaving has a name that speaks for itself. With locations across the country, salons combine the brand’s beloved products with “Master Barbers” who take male grooming to a new, classy level. Find a store in your state, here.

6. Roosters Men’s Grooming Center has guys covered in the best ways possible. Sure, any hairdresser can give you a haircut, but what about one that comes with golf advice? Find more locations across the U.S. here.

7. Eighteen Eight Fine Men’s Salon has all the treatments that can get any guy out of a grooming slump. So go ahead, make an appointment. Find a salon near you here.

8. John Allan’s Premier Men’s Grooming Club is a place where a guy can enjoy a cold one while receiving a Sports Pedicure, because getting pampered is so much sweeter with a drink in hand. Find locations here.


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