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Getting the Best Massage Beds Possible

When it comes to your salon and spa, there is no shortage of things you need to succeed. Talent is important, of course. Without the right staff to soothe your customers, you’re bound to fail after all. But there’s more to it than that, certainly. You also need salon and spa equipment that you can depend on. One of the most important types of furniture is massage beds.

No spa would be complete without being able to give your customers the proper back massage they need. The best way to do this is with a massage bed. As such, you should give this choice the attention it deserves.

You want a massage bed that comes about four feet off the ground. Making it adjustable is even better as it will allow each of your masseuses to lower the bed to the level they work best at.

The width of a good massage bed is also important. You need it to be wide enough that the average person can lie on it without their arms dangling off uncomfortably. However, it shouldn’t be so wide that your masseuses will have a tough time navigating around it and getting the angles they want to work from.

If at all possible, bring in massage tables and have your staff and clientele test them out first hand to get feedback on which ones they prefer the most.

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Tips For Growing a Male Clientele in The Beauty Industry

If you want to know where your most wide open market is, who are ready and willing to invest in hair care, look no further than male clients, says Kim Bush, Joico Artistic Advisor for Asante Salon and Day Spa. “According to men’s grooming is expected to hit $84+ Billion by 2014! This is an amazing opportunity for those who want to build a wonderful business,” says Bush. “Past are the days when men just wanted a $5 buzz, they are now interested in all areas of grooming from hair color, highlighting, waxing, custom cutting, facials, manicures, pedicures, spray tanning, massages, and last but not least products to take home.”

Bush also says that men are very interested in how to carry their grooming routine home. “I find as I have largely expanded my male clientele, they are very eager to learn how to blow-dry properly, use the correct brushes and tools, and also exactly what products they need for not only one look but other products that can carry them from the office to a more casual nighttime look,” says Bush.

So as 2014 rolls in, take a look at your male clientele and how you can expand this into a lucrative part of your business. Here are some tips from Bush on how to grow a male clientele in 2013:


*Brush up on your trends and the classics! Know what the hot cuts for men are and also what are the classic looks that always look great on a man.

*Brush up on your skills! Know and become great at doing things like scissor over comb work and other technical skills such as line layer and graduation.

*Understand face shapes and what flatters the angles of a man’s face.

*CONSULTATION! So many times men get the short end when it comes to consultations, so take the time to discuss coloring options and introduce him to things he may not have seen yet.

*Make him aware of all the products, shampoos and tools he will need to protect his look and help him achieve multiple styles at home.

*Most important is to let him know you are interested in his look and what he has to say, and that you are there to help him look absolutely FAB!

If you do a great job on your guys, they are very loyal to you and also are great at referring other male clients!

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