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Increase Your Salon Sales This Christmas With These 18 Profitable Tips

Want to hear your salon go ka-ching this Christmas? Try these hair and beauty salon merchandising ideas, tips and tricks to help sell more retail products over the coming weeks.

Your windows are valuable advertising space. Just think how much a bill-board would cost in town. So it’s important to get them ‘selling’ in the weeks before Christmas. Here’s how.

1. Set a theme with your Christmas windows

Avoid plonking a bit of everything in your windows -nothing will stand out and draw the eye. Instead, be bold. Pick a theme. Now choose decorations and retail products that tell a story – be it ‘winter wonderland’, ‘party time’ or ‘family fun’. Theme everything to your story – from your colour to your merchandise.

2. Marketing movement

Incorporate some movement into your salon window display. Fluttering festive ribbons, dangling decorations (use a small fan to create a breeze) or rotating stands all introduce motion into your salon window.

3. Use a mixture of different sizes and shapes

Passers-by on the pavement can see a bottle of shampoo or a lipstick in your window. Drive-bys cannot. So mix both large and small items to catch pedestrians and car drivers’ interest.

4. Use your marketing space in interesting ways

Layer salon merchandise at different levels in your window. Row upon row of bottles in straight lines is never going to grab attention.

5. Mirror, mirror

Use mirrors. They add sparkle and depth, increase the light and expand the space.

6. Re-think your window lighting to boost salon sales

Shoppers are out late in the run up to Christmas so take a look at your salon lighting. Add some drama. Theatrical lighting effects don’t have to be expensive. A few well-placed spotlights focused on key retail attract attention and create the right mood. And think about using lighting differently within your salon or spa as well as in the windows.

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