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Marketing Pedicures for Male Clients

by Shashi Bellamkonda

I did something a week ago that all males should do often – got a pedicure. As I relaxed my legs in the warm water of the pedicure chair, I wondered why the nails/manicure/pedicure industry does not lure more male customers.

According to a research company, IBISWorld’s Hair & Nail Salons Market Research Report, this industry had a revenue of 42 billion, employs around 1.5 million people in over 1.06 million businesses. That is a huge number and if men do not frequently get pedicures, then this industry may be losing out on half of the potential customers.

I must admit, I was shy when I entered the nail care place. I had the same feeling when, decades ago, I went to a Parikmakerskaya (Barber Shop) in Moscow staffed predominantly by women. Until then, growing up in India, I had only seen male barbers and that is why the experience was new.
Fast forward to my current experience. The pedicure experience was good, no stares from patrons for being the only male there, and I was comforted that there was no silence but a constant stream of conversation around me.

I looked to see if there was any marketing or promotional material that I could use to persuade other men to have a pedicure too. I began to think between the foot scrubs I was getting that this may be a lost opportunity for this industry. The U.S. population is almost half male and entrepreneurs like the Grooming Lounge in Washington, D.C. have done a good job catering to this market.

Some tips for small business owners in the pedicure industry:

  • Reach out to potential customers through your existing customers. Maybe a sign that says, “Your partner or spouse will love us too. Bring them in!”
  • A sign outside the window that says, “Pedicure for men available” may make shy men come in confidently.
  • A coupon or offer that can be handed over to the men in your existing client’s life.
  • Educational blog posts or videos on how men should take care of their feet (see a good example at Groomin Guys.)
  • Label your price list to include Men. Example: Men/Women Pedicure.Remember to add ComfortSoul’s Facebook!


The Tattoo Removal Industry is Growing Rapidly

Increased social acceptability of and interest in tattoos has driven demand for them, which ultimately increased the pool of potential customers who may regret their initial decision and want their tattoos removed by this industry’s practitioners. Although the recession caused drops in disposable income that flowed onto the industry as reduced demand, heightened unemployment as a result of the recession actually supported the Tattoo Removal Practitioners industry because many job seekers sought to cover up tattoos in order to obtain employment. Enticed by fast growth and low barriers to entry, entrepreneurs and companies flocked to the industry. For these reasons, industry research firm IBISWorld has added a report on the Tattoo Removal Practitioners industry to its growing industry report collection.

The Tattoo Removal Practitioner industry grew quickly over the past five years, with revenue expanding at an average annual rate of 20.9% to $65.6 million in 2012. Increased social acceptability of and interest in tattoos has driven demand for them, which ultimately increased the pool of potential customers who may regret their initial decision and want their tattoos removed. Further pushing growth has been the recession, says IBISWorld industry analyst Justin Molavi, with “heightened unemployment increasing demand from job seekers who wanted to cover up tattoos to improve their job prospects.” At the same time, the recession did cause drops in disposable income, which mitigated some growth because it limited consumers’ ability to pay for tattoo removal.

Innovation has been a key focus in the Tattoo Removal Practitioner industry, with increasing use of Q-switching laser technology to remove tattoos, which allows less patient evasiveness and scarring. According to Molavi, “This move has not only resulted in higher demand for tattoo removal since consumers generally prefer this method, but also supported demand for tattoos because people now see how relatively easy it is to remove them with this method (in comparison to other methods used by the industry).” Industry players purchased this technology at accelerating rates to meet demand from customers who demanded tattoo removal.

The industry will continue to grow over the next five years, albeit at a slower rate. Although demand will still be high, given the ease of removal with laser technology, the boost in demand that resulted from high unemployment will fade as the US economy gains steam and unemployment declines. The absence of the high growth experienced during the past five years will result in fewer new entrants during the next five years. Although existing companies, such as MEDermis Laser Clinic, LaserAway and the Dr. Tattoff franchise, only comprise a small share of industry revenue, they will continue to increase market share through geographical expansion. IBISWorld estimates that most of the industry’s revenue comes from the Southeast, West and Mid-Atlantic regions due to their higher population densities and the presence of major metropolitan areas in these regions. For more information visit IBISWorld’s Tattoo Removal Practitioners in the US industry page.

Source: PRWEB on January 28, 2012 at

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