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ComfortSoul on Universal Companies

Universal Companies has served the spa industry with excellence since Marti Morenings and her father, Dr. G.H. Morenings, founded it in 1982.

Universal Companies is a leading international distributor of products, equipment, and supplies to spas, skincare professionals, and resort and destination properties. Each year Universal Companies strives to seek out the best spa products, supplies, and equipment for your business. They remain committed to developing new treatment options to freshen and expand your spa menu.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that Universal Companies is an authorized dealer of ComfortSoul products. If you ever find yourself shopping on Universal Companies, be sure to cruise on by to check out our customized brand page.

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Benefits of Using Stationary Massage Tables

Benefits of Using Stationary Massage Tables by Massage Techniques

Stationary Massage Tables, ones which are not moved around or carried around like portable ones, have some distinct advantages that portable massage tables don’t have. However, not all massage therapists can work with stationary tables. Space is the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a particular type of massage table. If you have a spare room in your home that will only be used for your massage therapy practice, or if you are renting space in an office suite, spa, or health center where your table doesn’t have to be put away every night then a stationary table would be a good investment.

These tables can cost more than portable tables, sometimes a lot more, but they are a better investment because usually they will last longer. There are some other advantages that these types of tables have too, if you can afford them. Some of the biggest advantages of stationary tables are:

Sturdier Construction
Because these tables are not made to be light or portable they are generally made of sturdier materials and can hold more weight. They are also usually more comfortable for clients. With a stationary table you won’t have to worry about your clients being uncomfortable. Stationary tables are usually made of wood with heavy duty upholstery for comfort. Your clients can really stretch out and get comfortable on these tables.

Longer Lasting
Because Stationary Massage Tables are built from sturdier materials than most portable tables they last much longer than portable tables last. Even though you may pay more up front for a stationary table over time the cost will be minimal because you won’t have to replace that table for a long time. Spending the start up money that you have on stationary tables is a good investment because they will hold their value over a long period of time. You can even resell them when you have the funds to get new tables.

Easier To Store
Because they don’t get folded up and put away Stationary Massage Tables are easy to store. Throw an old sheet or blanket over them to make sure that no dust gets into the table and to prevent the upholstery from fading and the table will be fine. You can push it out of the way if it’s sitting in a room of your home that you use after you’re done with massages as long as it’s covered so that it doesn’t get any dings or nicks.

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Keys to Running a Successful Salon or Spa Business

Keys to Running a Successful Salon by Salon Builder

  • Salon Customer Service and Satisfaction is the Key
    The success of your salon or day spa will be directly linked to your ability to satisfy your customers. There is no better way to retain existing customers than to have them leave happy on every visit. And word-of-mouth can be an extremely effective form of organically marketing your salon or spa. Customer service starts with a courteous and professionally trained staff.

  • Create a Comfortable, Clean and Safe Atmosphere for your Salon or Spa
    From the point that customers enter your salon or spa establishment to the point they exit they should be presented with an environment that is clean, safe, comfortable and relaxing. Salon and Spa customers expect cleanliness. Make sure that floors are swept in between customers. Make sure towels, trimmers and other equipment are washed and fresh for new customers. Install comfortable couches and furniture in waiting areas. Offer magazines and/or coffee table books for reading. Anything you can do to make your salon or spa more comfortable and relaxing will help retain customers and gain new ones.

  • Salon and Spa Convenience
    One of the advantages to opening a more full service beauty salon is that it will be more convenient to your customers. If you offer hair, nail, beauty and spa services, then you present a one-stop solution for all your customers beauty needs. A client can schedule several services in one visit, rather than having to go to several establishments at different times. Also, offering a selection of salon and spa products to your clients is a convenience for them, and generates revenue for you.

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